Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm House Trained, Honest


I'm bored so you get to be subjected to my neurotic thought process.

First of all, I'm totally stressing. I have no idea how I'm going to work and attend four classes and a lab. I barely made it through the last two semesters. I just don't think I'm really prepared for this.

Second of all, on top of all that. I have to make up my mind by DECEMBER if I'm moving out of state next year. WTH. I've known for a while I was gonna move away but this is not helping my stress level. I seriously wouldn't even realistically have the money necessary for that unless I took out so many loans it's not even funny.

So I guess it's pretty much decided that unless a very wealthy relative kicks the bucket very very soon and leaves me everything (which is not happening, all my relatives are healthy as fucking horses) then I'm not moving out of state next year. *sigh* I really really want to move too.

One thing that I know for sure is that I'm changing colleges next year. My original plan was to go to University of Maine in Orono but that may have changed. The only real upside to Orono is that I would still be able to live at home.

On the other hand, I may be going to Brunswick to attend Bowdoin. That is actually my preference right now. I'm still close enough my parents can help out financially but I'll be far enough that I would need to stay in the dorms. Although, I have no idea what I'm going to do about my cat. I don't think I can go that long without her. Then again, she can't live somewhere that she can't go outside. It's all so messed up.

ALSO, it's a much better college than UMO. I have more chances of getting a decent job with a degree from Bowdoin, than I do from UMO.

Aside from all that crazy school related stuff, the plans for next summer are looking really good. I'm set to attend ComicCon in July (though the date I'm going to be flying out is a little fuzzy. Still not sure if I'll be staying to see family).

And I'm rooting for May, but my mom would prefer August, for my CROSS-COUNTRY ROAD TRIP. That is right, I have been approved to drive...across the country...by myself. It's going to be so amazing. Albeit, my car will probably overheat, I'll probably flatten at least two tires, and I think the AC is going but I don't care. I really wanna do this.

It'll definitely help in the whole 'deciding where I want to live when I move out of state' issue. I'll get to see a lot of places I only dreamed about going to, seeing as how the farthest west I've ever been has been Pennsylvania. Yeah, I've never even seen the Pacific Ocean.

Can it be next summer yet?



Jasper's Cherry said...

Liz is making sure you come down to SLC to visit Gillian and I! You better too or I'll disown you as one of my wives!

Fauxtoflash said...

You're driving across country? JEALOUS!

Don't worry about the stress. I know how you do, and you'll be absolutely fine. If things get crazy, just give me a call and we'll chill. :) Really. I'm here for you.

I'm going to UMO right now - WAY TO HATE ON IT! LOL Nah, I agree. You'll have fun at big B if you go.

Hope everything is well with you <3


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