Sunday, March 21, 2010


I make up words when I'm bored/confused/frustrated. Currently? I'm bored.

I'm on spring break this week. The thing about spring break, while I appreciate that I can sleep in a little more than normal (I'm not working either), I'm so boring. Like, watching paint dry boring. I don't go anywhere for spring break. I don't have any friends to celebrate spring break with. So what will I be doing for break this year? Quilting! I sound like I'm ninety and not my sprightly twenty.

Also, to add to that disturbing image, the pain medication for my hips gave me migraines so they took me off it. Now, I spend my days laying on the couch complaining about the pain. It gets worse when it's today...when it SNOWED. WTF Maine?

ELAY (FeelsOld)
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Friday, March 12, 2010


I just got back from my first (I've already bought my ticket for the second) viewing of Remember Me. In lamens terms, IT. WAS. EXTRAORDINARY.

The beginning is...shocking, to say the least. I will admit the ONLY issue I took with the movie (and this is considering even the end) was that the beginning was a little hard to get in to. It was slow-going but dear GOD did it ever go above and BEYOND every expectation I had.

I'm not the biggest Emilie De Ravin fan, I'll own up to it right now, but I think she fit the role. It certainly wasn't an easy role to fill.

And there was Tate, who was FANTASTIC. Absolutely hilarious. He definitely had some of the best lines in the movie. I'm telling you now, take note of this guy. He's pretty good and I loved him in this.

I want to hate Pierce Brosnan so bad right now. I want to, but I can't.

And Ruby makes my ovaries spontaneously ovulate. That is all.

Finally, we come to the RPatz. Every time his face popped up on the screen I figured I would go, "That's Edward Cullen...meh" and in all honesty, I didn't, not ONCE. I'm even guilty of trying to bring the RPatz down. I tried to put him in this box and tell myself that he's a one-hit-wonder. And I just couldn't convince myself. His performance was beautiful and touching and everything the best of actors can sometimes only DREAM of. He was wonderful.

You know how in a recent interview Rob compared Remember Me to Ordinary People and I swooned/died a little? He. Was. Spot. ON.

Ordinary People is one of my favorite movies. It falls under a category that is unnameable and perfect (oddly enough, Ordinary People was a little hard for me to get into as well).

OP was made back in 1980 now, in 2010, Remember Me has taken that concept and blown it out of the water.

There's no damsels in distress, no knights in shining armor, there's no incredible acts of saving the world or professing undying love; just a pure and real and beautifully simple story.

I ached in my chest and my gut and every finger and toe when those girls picked on Caroline. I laughed with Aidan. I felt the pain of loss every time I looked at Tyler and he was so agonized, so at a loss of what to do with himself.

This movie isn't a fairy tale, there's no happily ever after, but it's stunning anyway. It'll slap you in the face and sucker punch you in the gut and it's so heartwrenchingly wonderful that your masochistic self will keep coming back for more. Just a true beauty of a movie. And I think that's all that matters.

The End.
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