Saturday, August 29, 2009

Goin' Old School

Alrighty. So these are kinda all over the place. You can find my commentary above each picture. Enjoy!

This is my favorite picture of my mom. Despite the lazy eye (yes, that is a lazy eye. She's had surgery to correct it since this picture was taken) she's really pretty here.

Aaaand here's my dad. His hair looks amazingly dark in this picture. He's a natural ginger. Total carrot top as a kid. XD
These next few pictures were supposed to go from youngest to oldest but they uploaded weird.
This is my parents on their honeymoon in the Bahamas.

This was their wedding day (obviously). From left to right: My Nana (great grandmother), my mom (despite teasing her, she really does look very pretty in this picture), my dad (who TOLD ME he had the moustache on his wedding day. *sing song* I don't seeee it), my grammy Eva (my dads stepmom), and my grampy.

This was actually taken in our backyard. That tree has since been cut down but I love this picture of my parents. Told you my dad was a ginger. XD

Aaaand wow. I almost hate seeing pictures of my mom with long hair. Only because it brings up memories of other photos where my mom was a total hippie. Legit.

Take a look at THAT picture (above) and then look at the one below. Yeah, THIS (below) picture was taken a year ago at my Aunt Vi's house in Perham. Can you count the frogs in the background? Yeah, she collects them. Last I knew her collection was over 1,000 frogs items/objects.

Me and my sister about 4 years ago in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Again, U.S. Virgin Islands, back when I had red hair. This was at our hotel, down by the restaurants.

Freshman year of high school, I was sitting in our living room waiting to leave for the semi-formal. No idea why there's a random sneaker by my feet but that's not actually my foot, just so you know. haha.

Aaaaaaand my Freshman school picture. So hot dude. XP

OH! OH! Not only am I embarrassing myself and my parents. I HAVE to post the next couple pictures of my sister because it looks like she doesn't have a neck. teehee. I love it. My hair wasn't actually THAT blonde, it's just the lighting.

AGAIN, my sister has no neck. haha. Hot picture, right? Those are so much fun to do. Everyone should do one of these at LEAST once in their lives. Doesn't necessarily have to be with your family though. Especially if you don't want them getting copies and posting them on blogs.

This was at the aquarium in Virgina. I'm actually pretty surprised that we were able to get my dad to do this.
Still at the aquarium in Virginia. I have no idea whyyyyy I'm sitting on some random dolphin though. haha.

This was at the airport going home from Virginia. Can someone please tell me what book I'm reading? I have yet to figure it out. But that's totally like me, ignoring everything else, with my nose in a book.

Not only am I willing to embarrass myself and my family, I welcome friends into the fun as well. REMEMBER THIS BECCA? I think you had snorted some smoothie in your nose or something. I can't really remember.
I don't think it was meant to come out like this but it's pretty cool that it did. This was where the Curb Killer was born. haha. Oh that poor child.

Bar Harbor Waterfront.

Can someone let me in on when I went Drag Queen? I'm wearing GLITTER, FISHNET, and CAMO. WTF.
RUUUUDDDDDYYYYYY. God I miss that cat. He was love. God I couldn't have been over 11, 12?

This was the BDN christmas party. I must have been about 10. That would have been the last year I could have received a present. Wonder what my deal was with overalls...

This was me and my sisters baptism, back when I didn't think of dirty things if someone ever mentioned "pulling pork".

WTF is my mom wearing? Those are supposed to be glasses right?....They kinda look like goggles.

FATHER HICKEY. *le sigh* I miss him.
My momma dressed me up reeeaaaalll perty for my baptism. Dear God, it looks like I'm wearing a sack.

My sister was really cute then....I wonder what happened.

My sister looks like a BOY. Dude, that's totally her Bam Bam vest. Victims of the 90's right there.

That rocking chair, it actually played music when you rocked it. Why can't they make cool stuff like that for grown-ups?! Pretty sure if I sat in it now (pretty sure we still have it in the attic) it would break.

Awwwwwwww. Ain't she cute? She doesn't look like that in a onesie anymore.
See it's hard to believe this is my sister sometimes. That angelic look doesn't exist anymore. Neither does the strawberry. Sad.

Now THERE is a face I recognize. She still makes this one. Gets all red like that too.

We actually just recently got rid of that chair like 2 (?) years ago. haha.

I wish my parents had waited so I would have been old enough to remember this day. That would have been nice.

Oh school pictures, they're always the best aren't? haha.

My mom had a thing for putting bows in my hair. At least it wasn't the "fountain" like what my sister got.

That's my Grampy. That kitchen hasn't changed at all. Except that this summer they took the wallpaper down and repainted. Other than that every thing's the same. haha. And that lurker in the corner down there, that's my uncle peanut.

This is Alex. I was old enough that I vaguely remember him. Though, I'm not sure what I'm doing on the floor. Lovin' the ruffle socks.

This is my favorite picture...EVER. My Grammy and I up at the house in Fort Kent (you can see a corner of it off to the side there) picking daisies. I this picture. LOVE.

DUCKIES. My mom and I were actually talking about getting ducks again today.

On the back of this picture it says: "The baby's so bright she's gotta wear shades". Thanks for noticing Jess, thanks. (Jess is my cousin P.S.)

Like I said on Twitter, I totally rocked that trend....Jeez I had chubby legs. haha. We still have that same laminate in the kitchen.

I had to ask my mom because I wasn't sure but that was the first day I ever dressed myself. Yeeeaaaah, I was a total fashionista.

Aaaand there's me and my daddy and our doberman Sporty. *sigh* I want big dobbies again. I'm gettin' sick of the little yappy ones. haha

I actually remember this chair except that I don't remember it being by the stairs.

That's probably why I'm blind now. I traumatized my eyes by wearing other peoples glasses.

That's the door to my parents room. I've never seen the carpet so clean. Lovin' the ruffled pants, totes.

That yellow spot on my jacket would be Pooh Bear.

I think this may be why I hate the color pink. My mother bundled me in it to an extreme.

Like I said, extreme.

DONUTS. I don't think my parents fed me (though by the looks of my legs I could be wrong) and that's why I'm so happy for creamy filled goodness (and if anyone makes a dirty comment about that I will hurt you. I was like 3 for heavens sake! XD)

I think I dove head first in my cake. This was the same year my mom made me a cookie monster cake. Something spilled on the picture and that makes me a little sad. I like this picture.

That shed isn't there anymore. Neither are those trees. And I think we gave that swing to the neighbors. Geez, my parents took away all the good stuff from my childhood. haha.

I checked, they make those swings a lot safer now. haha.

Just give me a rubber duck and I'm a happy baby. haha. (Again with the bows?!) No idea whose kitchen that is.

I think we still have that blanket somewhere...

Booties and bows, booties and bows. That's where it's at kids.

Lovin' how the bear is bigger than me. It's not anymore but that's beside the point. We still have that bear too. I know that much.

Apparently I was plotting world domination? Some kind of mischief at least. That is a really evil look. Holy cow.

I get all teary-eyed looking at this picture. I miss my Nana...AND her cookies. She always made the best sweets. It was scary as heck goin' up on that second floor though. It sucks that they had to sell the house. The new owners haven't taken care of it all and the garden's completely gone.

My Grammy Eva. She still has those curtains too.
I wish I could've found the old b&w's. My Grammy Carol was really pretty when she was younger.
I think my mom was more excited about those first teeth than I was. I look like I've been accosted...which essentially I am being my moms finger/camera.
I still have that dinosaur! It's in a box on the second level of the garage.
Dad was definitely more exctited about that bath than I was.

Yeah, my first christmas and my mom sticks a bow on my head. It's a wonder I still like christmas with all the traumatizing things my mom did to me on that day.

TA DA! If you've reached the end without barfing at the sugary sweetness of the mess I call a childhood you deserve a medal. Like...srsly.
So yeah, there's all the cute ass baby pictures of me you're ever gonna get. XP
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