Saturday, January 2, 2010

I've been M-I-M-I-A

Psst! The title was a play on Old McDonald if you didn't catch that.

So, I've completed my third semester, Christmas has come and gone, so has the new year and the Fandom Gives Back '09.

The Fandom Gives Back was a huge success. I have been working on my auction items. The pillows are almost completed and I'm preparing to ship those out (Note to self: e-mail drscully about her pillows). I've been working on the designs for the quilts and I've started getting the fabric together (it's going to take A LOT of fabric).

I'm hoping to participate in FGB 2010 but I'm looking to complete everything for '09 first.

I just purchased my plane tickets for ComicCon 2010. I'm super duper excited. I've never seen the Pacific Ocean. I've never been farther west than Pennsylvania so this is all new to me. It'll be my first time flying by myself which scares me. I think I have more anxiety attacks about the crowds that'll be at the convention center than the actual flying. haha

I just want it to be July >.<

I'm gearing up for my 4th semester at UCB. All of my classes are online (I've always worked better by myself anyway haha) so I'm hoping this will be more helpful than detrimental to my SAD. For classes I'm taking: Intro to Human Sexuality, Intro to Philosophy, Women in Music in the 20th century, and U.S. History. Fun stuff.

I'll be taking on more responsibility at work, which means more hours (SO happy I got that pay raise in the fall).

Just rereading all that makes me want this semester to be over already and it hasn't even started.

I'm still looking into applying to Bowdoin and UMO but those have kind of taken a back seat. I'm also starting to think about getting another job. I love working on campus and they're very flexible but the pay is not nearly enough for living expenses.

I hate being a grown-up sometimes.

AND my sister is going to Farmington in the Fall. I'm very proud and excited (she'll be out of the house! woo!).

I can't think of anything else. Lot's of things have happened since November but my battery is dying and my fingers are tired. haha.

Oh! If you have a gut of steel (or buns, whatever floats your boat) check out Just Sleeping Awake, recently started by the lovely and talented Folklorn. She's mah friend ^.^

I think that's all for now.



Folk said...

Thanks babe!
We're going to have a fantastic time at CC. Don't be worried about the crowds. I tend to avoid them when possible. We'll navigate when the groups are thin.

I promise the flight will be fine too. I'll be at the gate waiting for you. Possibly with a tacky sign or something.

Plus, no matter what we do, we won't be the strangest people there. That'll be fun.

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