Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Taking A Second To Breathe...



Oh my geee. First week of classes is almost over, I haven't even gone back to work, and I already wanna crawl in a hole and sleep for a hundred thousand years.

I'm writing this real quick while my tremendous reading assignment for English102w prints.

I have so much to say and I don't think I can type fast enough.

Let's see, first, I've turned twenty. Yay! It was pretty great fun even though I spent most of the morning making lunch. I got some great presents and my cake was totally made of WIN.

I'm finally no longer an American Folk Festival virgin. I went twice and fell in love with Cherish the Women, a celtic band (who somehow worked in a Canadian violinist).

They had neat-o accents and I swear, I died a little when those dancers came on stage. So jealous! I've always wanted to do that.

Anyway, moving on, first day of classes I thought I was gonna puke because of nerves. Ended up not puking and not having a lab so I was happy. I've fallen in love with Klose, my Biology teacher. He rocks my non-existent (because seriously who wears 'em when it's still warm?) socks.

Ended up going to get an iTunes gift card to celebrate and I was TAXED for it. 75 Cents at that. Pissed as hell about it too. Completely ruined my day.

Second day of classes, again, thought I was gonna throw up but I didn't.

English was interesting. I love Retzlaff don't get me wrong, but I forgot how fast and how much she can talk. Class went over by five minutes and I had five minutes to get my junk out to my car and drive across campus and find the room for my DRA class. Yeah, went into the wrong room and ended up in a Statistics class. Thankfully I looked over at the kid next to me and noticed his book. Got up and left, ended up that the next class over was mine. I arrived with 1 minute to spare and thankfully the professor was late.

Batty was great but the room smelled funny. Apparently they're supposed to put new carpeting in (which I hope it's soon it seriously smells like piss in there).

Just checked the printer, only on page 19 of whatever and I'm starting to run out of ink...fantastic.

Alright, back to Batty. That man can go on trips too and I don't mean the fun kind. He gets completely off topic. It's a theatre class and I understand there's a great history involved HOWEVER, we got a history lesson on everything BUT theatre. I ended up almost falling asleep.

Ended up going home and taking my sister to the playground. Where, those of you on twitter, got a free picture show of our fun.

Came home and played Apples to Apples and Dev's boyfriend commented about my nipples. Overall, it was very awkward for everyone but him.

Ended up passing out around 8 because of a migraine.

Which leads us to today, the third day of classes. Today was a pretty good day. I only had Bio and because next Monday is Labor Day I have no classes, therefore I was assigned my lab assignment early. I'm a little panicky about it because it involves a computer game...don't ask me why. I suck at computer games, or well, video games period. I'm just not coordinated in a way that makes it possible to do them.

Came home, changed into my jammies, had lunch with Mumzi, got dressed again to go out to dinner. Parents were (still are) out of town so we went to McDonald's. Ended going to see Dev's friend Barbara afterwards so the little sister could get a strawberry milkshake. Colored pages at Nicky's while a little boy next to us spit chocolate milk out all over Devon.

And because we love spending any money that isn't ours, we headed over to the Hannaford to get junk food and then to the Dollar Tree. I ended up with a My Little Pony (thank you for renewing this obsession in me Brie) coloring book and Devon got silly putty.

Now I'm tackling the Everest size mountain of reading Retzlaff assigned for tomorrow. *sigh* I know I'm forgetting some of it. Not sure what it is and I'm sure I'll think of it later but right now I just wanna sleep. Alas, sleep has to wait for probably a couple more hours.



PharaohCigars said...

So I sent you a text on your birthday... but you never responded so I'm guessing you didn't get it? IF SO - Happy Belated Birthday, love. I wish our phones did no hate each other.

PharaohCigars said...

and by 'no' I meant 'not.

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