Friday, September 4, 2009

I Need A Moment To Rant


People are taking things to a whole new level. Not only has this person insulted my career path, which I can take because not that many people have a real respect for it anyway, but now they've gone on to insulting me on a whole new personal level.

This was just a low blow and I mean really low, like below the belt low. Like knock me over and kick me in the gut while I'm down kinda low.

I'm pissed and upset and this person is never going to know what they did because they are one of those people who doesn't acknowledge what they've done. They continue on as if nothing ever happened because they don't think what they're doing is wrong.

I've got a tough enough skin that I can take just about anything anyone throws at me but when you insult what goes on in my head and what I've gone through, you and I, we're gonna have some issues.

And I'll sit here and take it because they don't do this to other people. I guess I'm just special.



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