Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cold Feet

As in, I have cold feet. And I had cold feet in the doctors office this morning because I was NEKKID. And it was awful.

The speculum is not my friend. It was kinda painful. And very violating.

The only thing I found worse,

the breast exam.

And you're probably ask yourself, 'Self, what could be worse than having your hoohah stretched by a shiny metal contraption.' Well, to you I say, I had to look my doctor in the eye while she felt me up. I think my face caught fire. I have never blushed so hard in my life.

My mom told me it was part of "womanhood," it comes with the territory.

My sister doesn't want to ever grow up.

I just want to go crawl in a hole and hide. It was more embarrassing than anything else.

On top of that,

I have to be in court on Friday and I'm behind on homework.

At least I haven't gone blind yet.

(Has anyone else noticed how much I've been whining lately?)



TJB said...

I won't lie having your lady parts inspected (for me) never gets any easier nor do I become more comfortable with it.

Whine away - this is your site.

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