Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm Just Having A Good Day

These are the tweets I received earlier this evening from the winner of the pillows:

"I just came home and received your pillows! I'm so overwhelmed- they are absolutely gorgeous! They far exceed my expectations!"
"Thank you thank you thank you for all your hard work. I will proudly display them at home, and will most certainly write a review" (I had asked that she leave a review on FGB for the 2010 auction that I hope to participate in)
"I was only expecting pillow CASES too, but you've made actual cushions, and the designs are so gorgeous."

And apparently I'm cute (in that adorable, 'I wanna pinch your cheeks way.') This pretty much was the cherry on top of my ice-cream-sundae-of-a-day.

I'm so glad that I could participate. Now I just need to finish those quilts. I'm starting the tacking and most of the fabric has been purchased. I've also mapped out a general design for both.

Hopefully I get just as enthusiastic reactions from the other auction winners. :)

So thank you to drscully (for confidentiality reasons I'll refrain from using her name) for your enthusiasm.

And thank you to the lovely ladies at my local fabric store for tolerating my madness.



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