Sunday, March 21, 2010


I make up words when I'm bored/confused/frustrated. Currently? I'm bored.

I'm on spring break this week. The thing about spring break, while I appreciate that I can sleep in a little more than normal (I'm not working either), I'm so boring. Like, watching paint dry boring. I don't go anywhere for spring break. I don't have any friends to celebrate spring break with. So what will I be doing for break this year? Quilting! I sound like I'm ninety and not my sprightly twenty.

Also, to add to that disturbing image, the pain medication for my hips gave me migraines so they took me off it. Now, I spend my days laying on the couch complaining about the pain. It gets worse when it's today...when it SNOWED. WTF Maine?

ELAY (FeelsOld)


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